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New Orleans Destination Wedding | The Tree of Life |

Blake and Ryan planned their destination wedding at the Tree of life located in New Orleans. They met 12 years ago as Freshmen in high school and have been inseparable since. It's clear that the foundation of their once, teenage love has blossomed into a mature, compassionate, and inspiring partnership.

The wedding day started at an apartment in the Garden District with champagne, bridesmaids gifts and bridal beauty. The modern loft provided the perfect backdrop for Blake and her ladies to prep for the day!

New Orleans Destination Wedding

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Destination wedding

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Modern Destination wedding

Bridal portrait

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The bride and groom decided on a first look in the beautiful courtyard.

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New Orleans Destination Wedding
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The ceremony took place under the tree of life, finalized by a jumping of the broom. Jumping the broom is a tradition symbolizing sweeping away of all the negative enegery to make way for all things that are good to come into your lives and a call of support of the union from the community, family and friends. Immediately following the bride and groom shared a celebratory champagne toast in the park with their guests.

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Tree of life wedding

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New Orleans Destination  Wedding

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