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Ok, so you've got a nice camera and a few people have asked you to take their photos...Are you ready to take your photography business to the next level? People always think that wedding photographers spend their days taking beautiful photos and traveling to exotic locations. While we do love spending our time doing those things, we spend a majority of our time behind a computer. Operating a photography business requires us to be bookkeepers, marketers, bloggers, web designers, and editors. As you become more established, you'll be able to outsource these items to spend more time doing what you love....but until then - You've got to buckle down and hustle.

Photography Business Marketing

1. Create a website - Many photographers don't think a website is necessary if they have social media. This is a huge mistake photographers make starting out. Creating a website not only establishes the legitimacy of your business, it allows brides to find you when they are searching online. You can easily create a professional looking website on your own for free. When I first started I watched a few tutorials and used a free template to get my website published. Using sites such as Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace make it extremely easy to have a polished online presence. I personally use Wix and find that it's very user friendly and easy to navigate.

2. Be active on your social media - Make a point to always share as much work as possible. Posting multiple sneak peeks for clients and blogging sessions will drive traffic not only to your Facebook page, but also your website. If you don't have a ton of clients currently to have work to share, take photos of friends and family members. Just make sure that if you are doing a free session that it meets the following requirements.

* It aligns with your photography style

* The person appreciates your time and effort and have a contract even if they aren't paying. You need a model release to share the images.

3. Blog your Sessions-

Blogging your sessions not only drives traffic to your site boosting your rank on google, but it also displays your most recent work for brides searching for a photographer online. If you don't have enough sessions to post once a week, create helpful content that your clients may need. Would a style guide help your families planning their session, or some tips and tricks for a couple planning their wedding?

4. Business Cards-

Pass out business cards. Some may scoff at being old school and having business cards. But I've found that having cards on me and available to give to someone has brought in lots of business. From simple conversations of being asked what I do, to guests at weddings I'm shooting - I'm often asked if I have a business card on me. You don't want to lose a potential client because you didn't have anything to give. I've used Moo as well as Zazzle for business cards. If you sign up for the mailing list on Zazzle , they send out 50% off coupon codes several times a month. I can get 500 beautiful business cards for less than $25.

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