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Taking Sharp Group Portraits | Wedding Photography Education

Do you struggle with taking group photos or bridal party photos and having people out of focus? Here are a few of our favorite tips to ensure tack sharp images.

Sharp Group Photos

1. Start by keeping everyone in a straight line. People tend to "horseshoe" out and make a U shape when posed in a group. We have them line up their toes so everyone is on the same focal plane.

2. We typically shoot group shots at an aperture of 4.0. if we have multiple rows or we are spreading the groupings out for a more "Vanity Fair" style posing, we may bump it to 5.6

How to get sharp pictures

3. Check the LCD screen on your camera before moving on to the next group. I always make sure that I have a photo that's in focus with everyone's eyes open for the family formals. It's a quick 2 second check that can save me an hour in post processing swapping heads or worse (not having a family photo in focus)

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