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What Camera Should I Start With to Learn Photography

If you want to start taking better quality photos, whether it's to take them of your kids, blog, or hopes to become a professional photographer one need to start by getting a DSLR camera and start practicing. It's hard to determine where to begin with all the options available, so we are here to help narrow things down a bit!

Best Camera to learn Photography

I started out using Nikon gear, and after 5 years of shooting I found that Canon fit my personal style best. You can't go wrong with either system. I still own several Nikon cameras and love them as well. I suggest going to a camera store and holding the camera in your hands to just see what feels better.

I suggest either of the below entry level cameras to begin learning photography and taking more professional looking photos. The Canon Rebel or the Nikon D3200. They are both very similar and wonderful cameras to start with. My first DSLR was a Nikon D3200. They are both under $500 and will give you room to grow and improve in your skills.

Pro Tip: Throw out the kit lens (lens that comes with the camera) The glass on the camera is just as important as the camera itself. If you want to see instant results, better photos, and creamy backgrounds - spend another $100 and get a 50mm 1.8 lens. I highly recommend using this particular lens to begin your photography journey. Now get out there and practice!

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